Wavtech Link 2 2 Channel Line Output Converter and 10 Volt Line Driver (LINK2)

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If you need a high-quality 2-channel LOC, but don’t require additional features like summing or auxiliary inputs, the link2 is the perfect solution. It is extremely small so it will fit almost anywhere, simplifying installations.


Like all our products, it has OEM load detect for factory systems that require resistance to function properly. The link2 will accept up to 40V RMS through its speaker inputs, while delivering up to 10V RMS of output at less than 50 ohms.

Link2 Features

  • 2-Channel Line Output Converter (LOC)
  • Differential Balanced Inputs
  • Low Impedance Outputs
  • Variable Gain Adjustments w/Clip LEDs
  • Auto-Turn On via DC-Offset or Audio Signal Detect
  • Generated +12V Remote Output
  • OEM Load Detect Compatible
  • Locking Detachable Power/Speaker Terminals
  • Professional Grade Panel Mount RCA’s
  • Compact Aluminum Chassis w/Detachable Mounting Tabs


Output Voltage (Max) 10 Vrms
Output Impedance < 50 Ω
Input Sensitivity

2 - 20 Vrms

4 - 40 Vrms

Max Input Voltage 40 Vrms
Frequency Response <10 Hz to >100kHz
THD+N SPK <0.01%
S/N SPK > 110dBA
Turn-On Trigger +12V, DC-offset & Audio Detect
Generated +12V Output > 500 mA
Chassis Dimensions 1.1”x2.9”x2.5” (29x75x63mm)

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