Wet Sounds Wireless 2.4 GHz Audio Kit (WSALINKSRKIT)

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With the Wet Sounds A-Link system, you and your boating friends can tie up together and crank some tunes or listen to a ballgame. It's the perfect party cove accessory, because the more receiving handsets you add, the more people you can invite, and the more fun you can have. It's also great for ATVs.

No matter how awesome your boat's stereo system might be, cranking it to infinity (or beyond, even) will drown out everyone's conversation and possibly strain your boat's stereo system. Plus, sound goes a long way on the water, so you might disturb other boaters who don't share your crowd's taste in programming.

Tune in, rock out

With A-Link, you can choose a channel or playlist and share it with one or more fellow boaters, depending on how many receiving handsets you have on hand. This way, everyone can listen to the same thing without shouting over each other. Singing along, however, is allowed. Heck, on some songs, it's almost mandatory, right?

One transmitter, one receiver

The basic A-Link kit comes with a one "send" unit and one "receive" unit, and you can add as many receive units as you like. Plug the "send" unit into your smartphone's 3.5 mm headphone jack, have your buddy plug the "receive" unit into the aux input on his or her radio, and you'll all be tuned in. The cables and Y-connector are included in the package.

100-foot range

Each unit features its own volume control and an operating range of approximately 100 feet. The built-in lithium ion batteries give you plenty of run time, and a dual micro USB charging cable is included in the kit.

Handy on land or sea

Though it's designed for all-weather use, the A-Link isn't just for boating. You can send use your A-Link to send audio from the dock to a boat, from your computer to your home audio system, or from your home audio system to your outdoor speakers. You can also take it off-road with your ATV or 4x4. 

Product highlights:

  • send wireless audio from from one system to another with an AUX input
  • kit includes two A-Link units
  • add more units (sold separately) to expand your system
  • each unit can be programmed to either send or receive
  • operational range is approximately 100 feet
  • includes micro USB charging cables, plus 3.5mm connection cables and Y-adapter
  • made for boating, but also great for ATV, 4x4, home, or dockhouse use

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