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Whether you are building a new home or renovating, our experienced professionals will help you with wiring, security, audio, video, lighting, and even motorized shades. And for those that want it all, we will provide you with the power to control it all at the press of a button.


Visit, call, or email us to see how to make your home an EXTREME home!


While a Control4® home automation system will be easy for everyone in your house to use, its actual design is quite complex, linking multiple devices in your home to make it possible for them to communicate over a network. This is the kind of work that requires a professional—an authorized Control4 dealer. Certified by Control4 after completing certain training requirements, your dealer is there to support you and your system every step of the way. They will carefully assess your automation wants and needs and establish a solid foundation that works for what you want today and one that is equally ready for what you may want in the future. Many of our customers maintain longstanding relationships with their dealers—turning to them to add more automation to their home over time.
Let us make it easy for you. We offer free delivery* on everything we sell. We can even demonstrate it. And we will even clean up the mess before we leave!

We offer free delivery within 20 kilometers of the City of Brandon, and can offer you set up and installation services. We will even show you how to get the most out of your new purchase! With our fast, professional and courteous delivery personnel, we'll guarantee your new purchase arrives on time and in showroom condition. Our detailed scheduling will ensure we accommodate your busy schedule. We also provide a variety of other residential and commercial services. -Free pre-site visits and consultations -New Construction Pre-Wire -Free Delivery -Flat Panel Television Mounting -In-Ceiling / In-Wall Speakers and Volume Controls -Automated Lighting Controls -Automated Window Blinds Controls -Automated Environmental Controls (Heating and Air Conditioning) -Retrofit Existing Buildings -Macro Remotes for Easy One Button Operation of All Products -Matrix Walls * free delivery within Brandon city limits

We make it easy to be on the cutting edge of technology! Trade in and up today! We take trades on all home and car audio electronics. Now that's cool!

That's right! We buy used and will take trades on all home and car audio. Home Receivers! Amplifiers! Equalizers! Turntables! Bookshelf, Rear, Center and Tower Speakers! All Car CD, DVD and Navigation Decks! Amplifiers! Subs! Speakers! Boxes! If it's for the car or home, we will take it! Trade in and up today!

Trades are only valued in store, and are based on age, condition and resale value. All items must be in working condition. Serial numbers must be intact, and we may need to do a search on products before any purchase. We may require proof of ownership. if you have an original bill of sale, we suggest bringing it in with you when we evaluate your item(s). We do not accept items that store personal information, such as laptops, computers, media streamers, etc.

We rent anything for any period of time- 1 day, 2 days, a week, a month! Any period of time!

If you have a Special occasion- like a wedding, trade show, even the big game- and need a TV, projector, or even a sound system to rock out to, we have it. We can even deliver , set up, and demonstrate it for you! Call and book today or email us!

Designed! Delivered! Installed! and Demonstrated! We offer free in store and on site consultations to help you weigh all the options and decide what the best solutions are for all your home needs now, but also to be prepared for the future! Get er' done!

Now you can enjoy a much higher quality picture and sound in the privacy of your own home. With a custom designed Home Theater from Extreme Electronics you can have your own personal cinema Home Theater. With the latest technologies like, HDTV, UHDTV, 4K, LCD, LED, OLED, and Projectors all with the picture quality delivered by Blu-ray, HD cable and HD satellite and now all available in 3D and with Smart technology. You will never want to sit in a public theater again. Though it's easy to be wowed by the picture of these new massive HDTV and 4K flat panels and projectors, the sound is an intricate part of the experience. With new digital stereo receivers delivering 5,7,9 or even more discreet channels of audio plus subwoofers that deliver thundering bass. Your new Custom Home Theatre will provide you, your family and friends stunning picture and sound that will blow away any public theatre. Whether you build a dedicated mini-cinema home theatre or blend your theater into an existing family room or den. Whether you're spending $5000 or $50,000 we can help you create a home entertainment experience that the whole family can enjoy for many years to come. At Extreme Electronics we will help from start to finish. By first offering a free in-store or on-site consultation. We will explain not only your options, but also how it all works so you can make the best decision for you and your family. We work close with all the trades involved from home building to renovations, and with our own trained Sales Professionals to the installers. From delivery to installation and demonstration. We are there for you from start to finish, and any further questions down the road. You will also be assured and comfortable knowing we only use the best brands available in the industry...

AND MORE! With our fast, professional and courteous delivery personnel, we will guarantee your new purchase will arrive on time and in showroom condition. Our detailed scheduling will also ensure we accommodate your busy schedule. We provide a variety of residential solutions Free Pre-Site Visits and Consultations -Free Delivery -Flat Panel Television Mounting -Distributed Audio and Video -In-Ceiling / In-Wall Speakers and Volume Controls -Automated Lighting Controls -Automated Window Blinds Controls -Automated Environmental Controls (Heating and Air Conditioning) -New Construction Pre-Wire -Retrofit Existing Buildings -Macro Remotes for Easy One Button Operation of All Products -Matrix Walls And more.. So, what do you think? Where's the popcorn... let's get started.

We do special orders! if there is an item you want and just have to have, but don’t see it on line, in-store or in our advertising, we will get it for you immediately!

There are over 10,000 items available we can special order for you from our long list of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. And we’ll get it for you immediately! We can order ANYTHING from the following brands:

Our professionally trained custom installers can do it all. No job is too big or too small. We do cars, trucks, vans, buses, boats, bikes, tractors, semi's, even golf carts and more. We install all car audio and video, do starter and alarms, cruise controls, led lighting, radars, GPS and more! Get the picture? We do it all...Period!

We offer friendly, professional installation of car stereo systems, speakers and alarms. Our confidence in our experts is so unconditional that we guarantee your satisfaction with our labor for as long as you own the car! In addition to 30+ years of experience with car audio installations, we maintain a program of ongoing, in-depth product refresher courses and industry training that, in the business, is second to none. A computerized information network, together with a library of technical specifications, cover over 3,500 vehicles. With this hands-on knowledge and 30+ years of install experience, we can maximize the dialogue with manufacturing and support personnel, and research all vehicle specifications from planning thru completion. From the moment you talk to one of extremes knowledgeable sales staff thru ongoing contact with one of our installers, we're with you every step of the way. Nothing is left to matter how small it may seem. We use only the best dash kits and wiring harnesses & connectors to ensure your expectations are met. We also want you to drive away with your new purchase with the knowledge that you were an integral part of the process! Extreme Electronics ensures your complete satisfaction with both your purchase and the installation. We offer the best brand names in the business along with superior product knowledge, customer-first service and the industry's most competitive pricing. We understand your vehicle is an expression of your own personality so we go to great lengths to ensure the job is done right...on time, on budget and on the mark! We work closely with our clients , including all the major car dealerships, the hospitality industry , and provincial and municipal governments all across Western Canada. From start to finish- from design to installation and demonstration.. We pride ourselves on only using the best brands available:


We will always have the right part for the job so with access to a huge parts inventory we ensure your purchase fits properly. Plus, because we use only the best quality parts, you'll get the performance you want with the quality you demand at the price you can afford. Though the majority of our work comes from personally owned vehicles, we also provide installation services for numerous car dealerships , many businesses like limousine services , taxis, delivery trucks and just to many others to mention. We also service different sections of the provincial and federal government. From GPS tracking and navigation systems to security systems and full blown audio video systems , we do it all. Remember … what you listen to is your business …How it sounds is ours! Weather you listen to rock, rap, jazz, blues, country , or classical … we have the system for you!

We offer free in store and on site consultations. We explain and advise you of all your options so you can make the most educated decision in addressing all of your company`s needs. Designed! Delivered! Installed and Demonstrated! Let's do it!

We are 100% Canadian owned and operated and are growing by offering the most sought after brand name electronics in the industry, with excellent customer service and guaranteed low prices. We carry a wide variety of the best brands, available to match up perfectly with your business and corporate needs. We strive to deliver the best customer service, keen on building long lasting relationships. Our specialists will work closely with you, to supply you with all the information you need to make an informed and educated decision for your business needs. As all businesses evolve, Extreme Electronics' Business and Corporate solution division is here to help you keep your business up to date with the latest displays and audio video systems. We work closely with our clients , who include home builders, the hospitality industry from hotels , restraints and bars, small companies and large corporations as well as different sections of the federal , provincial, and municipal governments from start to finish- from design to installation and demonstration. Call or email us today!

We work closely with you the customer to make sure all YOUR needs are met as well as the insurance agent in a timely and professional manner. We are here to help.

We promise to work closely with you to make sure that all your needs are met. We will also work in a professional manner with your insurance agent to get you back on track as quickly as possible. We are here to help. Call or email us today!

Unfortunately, we live in a throw away society, and most problems with electronics are now deemed irreparable or too costly to repair, and the product is to be recycled. Our Extended Replacement Service Plans were designed and are tailored to offer our customers inexpensive coverage against all manufacturer defects for the coverage period.

Service Plan: in consideration of the Customer purchasing and paying for Extreme electronics Service Plan (s). Extreme Electronics, on and subject to the terms and conditions hereof, represents that the materials and workmanship incorporated into the Covered Unit(s) are such quality that the Service Plan(s) will perform under normal domestic or personal use within Canada during the Coverage Period. If the covered Unit(s) fails to perform during the Coverage Period under normal domestic or personal use within Canada as a result of defects in materials or workmanship, Extreme Electronics will repair or replace with current equivalent, at its options, such defective Covered Unit(s), or any part(s) of the Covered Unit(s) without charge to the customer for parts or labour on a Carry-In basis unless otherwise specified. Replacement will void any further warranty obligation. Projection lamps are not covered under the plan. Commercial Exclusions: Extreme Electronics Service Plan standard price list applies to residential use warranties only. Commercial application warranties are available upon prior approval for selected uses at prices which are double the amounts for residential use. This will show on an Extreme invoice as 2 units of the warranty at the regular prices. Extreme Service Rebate features and Transferability features do not apply to commercial warranties. Coverage Period: Extreme Electronics Service Plan coverage begins on the date of purchase and continues for the term specified on your invoice. Policy terms are quoted for the entire protection period and are not in addition to the Manufacturer`s warranty (unless otherwise specified on the invoice). Repairs required during the Manufacturer's coverage period are the responsibility of the Manufacturer. Extended warranty ends at the point of replacement, replacement product includes only manufacturer`s warranty. The liability of Extreme Electronics under an Extreme Electronics Service Plan is strictly limited to its obligation specified above and those specified on the invoice. All of these obligations are subject to and limited by the Limitations, Exclusions and Conditions contained on the invoice. The customer should carefully review this Extreme Electronics Service Plan and the Limitations, Exclusions and Conditions on the back of the invoice. Please keep your invoice in a secure place, as it must be presented in the event service to the Covered Unit(s) is requested. In the event that a Covered Unit(s) requires service, contact your nearest Extreme Electronics Service location. Limitations To Recover on Service Plan 1. Any obligation covered by a Manufacturer's warranty is not covered by this Service Plan. Extreme electronics will not assume any responsibility for the Manufacturer's warranty if the Manufacturer is no longer in business. 2. a) Should the purchased product require multiple "like" repairs during the Extreme Electronics Service Plan Coverage period, in accordance with this Service Plan or at any time during the Manufacturer's service plan, Extreme Electronics may, at its discretion, provide the purchaser with a new or similar unit at no charge to the purchaser. When a replacement is required Extreme Electronics attempts to replace the original product with the same brand but reserves the right to substitute when necessary. b) The existing service plan covers the purchased product only. The customer's plan is nontransferable once a product has been replaced (see also section 9 for ("transfer of service plan to a new purchaser"). A service plan for a new or replacement product becomes the sole responsibility of the customer. c) Protection is only for defect in material or workmanship. Wear and tear, accident, abuse, misuse, "burn-in" of the image on any display panel, or any service performed on the unit by any party other than Extreme Electronics or its authorized agent will NOT be covered. d) Extreme Extended service plan includes the cost of the first 20 kilometers from any authorized service depot. Additional travel costs incurred in the execution of the service plan become the responsibility of the customer. 3. The Service Plan ceases immediately upon any of the following: a) The serial number on the purchases product has been tampered with or adjusted by any person other than the manufacturer. b) The unit is used in a commercial activity , or for the purpose other than a designated purpose or if it is not operated in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. c) Unavailability of replacement parts due to non-production, labour problems or government order. 4. The Service Plan only covers the product purchased and does not cover any accessories including but limited to, software, add-on or plug-in devices, remote controls, projection TV and front projection bulbs and lamps, or repair to any cabinet containing the product purchased. 5. a) Service does not include installation, cleaning, maintenance, transportation costs or R&R unless otherwise specified. b) In-home service shall only be during regular working hours and shall be billed to the purchaser where no defect is found or the defect is caused by the purchaser or something other than warrantied product. Mileage charges will apply beyond city limits of any authorized service depot. 6. Extreme Electronics will not be liable for any damage howsoever caused whether directly or indirectly relating to the purchased product and any component parts thereof. The maximum liability that Extreme Electronics may have for loss or damage by any kind that may otherwise be limited by the provisions hereof shall in no event exceed the purchase price of the warrantied product. 7. a) This Service Plan may be cancelled by Extreme Electronics within thirty (30) days of the date of delivery of the purchased product at which time Extreme electronics will provide notice and a full refund of the purchase price of this Service Plan to the Purchaser. Upon forwarding such notice and refunds, the Service Plan shall be cancelled for all purposes. b) Notice shall be made either by personal delivery in which case it will be effective on the date of delivery or pre-paid registered mail in which case it will be effective on the fifth day following the mailing. 8. This contract contains the entire agreement between the parties. 9. The purchaser may transfer this Service Plan to the subsequent owner of the product by paying a transfer fee of $20.00 for each unit providing notice to Extreme electronics within ten (10) days of the date of sale of the unit. All of the terms hereof are binding upon the subsequent purchase of the product. 10. No LOANER products will be provided. 11. For "open box", demo items, and items where comparable replacement item is not available, Extreme Electronics may, at its discretion issue a credit in the amount of the original purchase price, (Less 30% depreciation for the final year or part of a year, and an additional 15% depreciation for each subsequent year) and the unused portion of the Service Plan instead of providing replacement product. 12. Loss of data or damages caused by the loss of data, data reconstruction costs and loss of business costs and/or revenue are not covered by this Service Plan.


In the event that no claims are made within the life of the Extended Service Plan, 100% of the value paid (less tax) will be credited to the plan holder. The customer must apply for their rebate letter within 90 days from the expiration of the Plan. The rebate letter (credit) is or purchase of merchandise only: and cannot exceed 50% of the pre-tax purchase price, and has no cash surrender value. These rebates cannot be combined with any other rebate, special offer or incentive and are issued as a one-time only credit.