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trade ins

We make it easy to be on the cutting edge of technology! Trade in and up today! We take trades on all home and car audio electronics. Now that's cool!

That's right! We buy used and will take trades on all home and car audio. Home Receivers! Amplifiers! Equalizers! Turntables! Bookshelf, Rear, Center and Tower Speakers! All Car CD, DVD and Navigation Decks! Amplifiers! Subs! Speakers! Boxes! If it's for the car or home, we will take it! Trade in and up today!

Trades are only valued in store, and are based on age, condition and resale value.  All items must be in working condition. Serial numbers must be intact, and we may need to do a search on products before any purchase.  We may require proof of ownership.  if you have an original bill of sale, we suggest bringing it in with you when we evaluate your item(s). We do not accept items that store personal information, such as laptops, computers, media streamers, etc.