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ALCO PREVENTION CANADA iALCO Supreme - Extreme Electronics

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The iAlco Supreme is a smartphone breathalyzer that features Bluetooth for wireless and a replaceable mouthpiece.

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A breathalyzer with electrochemical sensor to make your smartphone even smarter! The i Alco Supreme connects via Bluetooth connection to 4.3 version of Android phones and tablets and newer versions as well as those of Apple brand (iPhone and iPad) iOS 7 and newer versions. It offers several attractive visual displays so that you can best use the breathalyzer and interpret obtained results.
The application allows among other things, sending your result by text message, Facebook or Twitter. It gives you an estimation of required time to return to a state of sobriety or obtain a result corresponding to the legal limit or below it. It keeps in memory of your last 500 tests including numbering and display of their date and time.


Display 0.00-4.00%; (2.00mg/L)
Sensor European Fuel cell sensor
Power supply AAA battery
Certifications Apple: IOS 7.0 or above (iPad-mini, iPad-Air, iPhone4S, iPhone5S, 5C and iPod-Touch); Android: 4.3 or above with Bluetooth 4.0: (Samsung S3, S4, S5; HTC One-M8, LG G-Pro2, Google Nexus 5).
Additional information Bluetooth for wireless; Replaceable mouthpiece; AAA battery (500 tests); Accuracy: +/- 0.05% at 0.50%; (APP on Smartphone); Alcohol limit/unit selectable; Recall tested memory; SMS/Facebook/Twitter to share; Zero/Safety alcohol estimation
Width 1.97 inch(es) / 5.0 cm
Height 3.15 inch(es) / 8.0 cm
Depth 0.71 inch(es) / 1.8 cm