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ALPINE X-Series Mono Subwoofer Amplifier, 900 Watt RMS at 2 Ohm (XA90M) - Extreme Electronics


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ALPINE X-Series Mono Subwoofer Amplifier, 900 Watt RMS at 2 Ohm (XA90M)

Alpine's X-Series X-A90M subwoofer amplifier will sharpen the focus of your music's bass image — it'll sound like the bass and kick drum are playing inside your car. This mono amp puts out up to 900 watts RMS of sub-pounding power, making it a perfect match for an Alpine X-Series 10" or 12" subwoofer. Speaker-level inputs allow you to add this amp to almost any system, even one with a factory radio.

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High-tech Class-D innards

Beefy internal components and the cleverly designed Thermal Flow chassis help the amp produce its power efficiently, with little excess heat or stress to your vehicle's electrical system. Alpine designed this amp to exert tight control over subwoofer cones, so you'll experience realistic bass. A special comparator circuit corrects the output using the original input signal, minimizing phase issues for precise, high-fidelity sound. 

Hidden controls and plug-in connectors

The amp's tuning controls sit protected under a removable top panel. Nifty speaker and power wire plugs make it easy to install or remove the amp, while ensuring a tight connection. Gold-plated RCA inputs, outputs, and power connections resist corrosion and signal degradation. For a creative touch, you can paint the amp's trim panels to match or contrast with your vehicle's interior decor. An optional wired remote lets you tweak your sub's volume from the front seat.