Audio Control 6 Channel Line Driver (MATRIXPLUS)

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AudioControl's Matrix Plus 6-channel line driver will ensure that your sound processors and power amplifiers receive strong, clean signals to perform their best. Many car receivers boast 4- and 5-volt preamp outputs, but that's at full power. Turn it down to a normal volume level, send the signal through fifteen feet of RCA cabling, and your amps may end up with just a couple of volts — not enough for good clean amplification. Enter the Matrix Plus.

Boost that signal

The Matrix Plus boosts the signal from your receiver up to 24 dB, right up to the maximum level accepted by your amplifier or processor. The high-voltage level keeps the noise out of your system, while feeding your amps the signal they need to deliver top performance. The Matrix is designed with three sets of inputs and outputs for the traditional front/rear/sub setup, but it can also be used in different situations to boost the signals of up to three separate 2-channel source units — like aftermarket CD, DVD players, or gaming consoles — if needed.

Level-setting with LED indicators

AudioControl makes it easy: turn up the gain knobs until the lights indicate the output levels you want, and you're all set. Lights show you when you've achieved a 1-volt, a 2-volt, or a 5-volt RMS output. "Maximized" lights let you know that you're at top volume and may need to back off on the gain. Balanced inputs reject noise caused by your vehicle's electrical system, but you can switch to unbalanced operation if necessary. The optional dash-mounted ACR-1 wired remote allows you to conveniently adjust the volume while you're on the go

Product highlights:

  • 6-channel line driver
  • provides up to 24 dB of gain (9.5 volt RMS maximum)
  • top-mounted controls for easy adjustment
  • three sets of RCA balanced inputs and outputs eliminate noise (switchable to unbalanced mode)
  • lights indicate 1-, 2-, or 5-volt output, plus Maximized indicator
  • frequency response: 10 to 100,000 Hz
  • signal-to-noise ratio: 110 dB at full output
  • optional wired remote level control available (item 161ACR1)
  • recommended fuse rating: 1 amp
  • size: 6-15/16"W x 1-5/16"H x 8-3/4"D
  • warranty: 5 years


Line Driver: To achieve the best possible signal to noise ratio and dynamic range from your amplifiers, a line driver can increase the head unit's output voltage up to 24 dB (maximum is 9.5 volts RMS/13 volts peak). The Matrix has three sets of inputs and three sets of outputs.

Input Gain: The input gains are adjustable up to +24 dB, allowing you to increase the head unit's line voltage to the top of your amp's input range; up to 9.5 volts RMS/13 volts peak. Each of the three sets of outputs has an individual gain control.

Output Voltage Indicators: Each set of outputs has four LEDs to indicate the output voltage; 1 volt, 2 volts, 5 volts, and Maximized (9.5 volts).

Balanced Inputs: Using the balanced differential input circuit cancels noise picked up in the transmission line between the Matrix Plus and the the source unit. The three sets of inputs can be individually set to balanced or unbalanced if needed.

Ground Isolation: The power supply ground is switchable, in case of ground loop noise. The factory position is fully isolated (typically the best choice), but can be changed to Ground or 200Ω.

Input Linking: The rear and subwoofer sections can be linked (independently) to the front inputs, useful if the source unit has only one or two pair of line outputs.

Subsonic Filter: The subsonic filter on the subwoofer output is 18 dB/octave at 33 Hz.

Terminal Block: The power/ground/remote terminal is removable; the wiring is attached to the block, then the block is plugged into the chassis of the Matrix Plus.

Optional Wired Remote: An optional wired remote is available to adjust the subwoofer output level (item number 161ACR1, sold separately).


  • Maximum Input Level: 9.5 volts RMS/13 volts peak
  • Maximum Output Level: 9.5 volts RMS/13.5 volts peak
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz-100 kHz; +/-1dB
  • THD: 0.005%
  • S/N Ratio: 110dB
  • Input Impedance: 20 kΩ
  • Output Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Output Gain: -12 dB to 24dB
  • Subsonic Filter: 33 Hz, 18 dB/oct
  • Power Supply: Transformer isolated PWM DC/DC converter
  • Current Draw: 250 mA
  • Recommended Fuse: 1 amp
  • Weight: 2-1/4 pounds

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