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The DM-RTA Pro Kit includes everything you need for a complete mobile audio measurement solution. Nestled snuggly in the fetching blue hard case, you will find a DM-RTA, AC power supply, all of the required interconnects, and custom test leads for line-level and speaker-level measurements. Included also is the AC-BT24 Bluetooth Streamer/Programmer, which allows you to connect to the DM-RTA using your tablet or phone.

included in kit

  • DM-RTA Real Time Analyzer
  • 110V AC power supply/charging adapter
  • USB A to B cable
  • USB A to A cable
  • AC-BT24 Bluetooth® Streamer & Programmer
  • CM-10 measurement microphone
  • XLR microphone cable
  • Speaker input to spring-loaded test leads cable
  • RCA input to spring-loaded test leads cable
  • AudioControl tuning pick (looks a lot like a guitar pick)
  • Blue hard case with laser-cut foam
  • USB A to A cable
  • Speaker Input to spring-loaded test leads cable
  • RCA input to spring-loaded test leads cable
  • AudioControl turning pick (looks a lot like a guittar pick)
  • Blue hard case with laser-cut foam
  • Dimensin 16.5"D x 7"H
  • Weight (with include product)8.3Lbs(3.8kg)
  • Dimension 16.5"Wx16"Dx7"H
  • Weight(with included product)13.0Lbs(5.9kg)
  • DM-RTA
  • Inputs
  • 1 x Balanced (Input Impedance 3.24kΩ)
  • 1 x Unbalanced (Input Impedance 3.24kΩ)
  • 1 x Microphone (Input Impedance 10kΩ)
  • 1 x Speaker Level (Input Impedance 16.24kΩ)
  • Max Low Level Input Voltage: 8 Vrms
  • Max High Level Input Voltage: 40 Vrms
  • 1 x Balanced (Output Impedance: 51Ω)
  • 1 x Unbalanced (Output Impedance: 51Ω)
  • 1 x Coax Digital (Output Impedance: 75Ω)
  • 1 x Toslink
  • 1 x USB
  • Max Output Voltage from Signal Generator: 5 Vrms / 7 V Peak
  • Power Supply: Battery Life: ~5 Hours
  • Dimensions: 8”W x 4.8”D x 2.4”H
  • Weight: 2.6lbs (1.2kg)
  • AC-BT24
  • BLUETOOTH Version: 4.2
  • aptX HD Compatible
  • UART Interface
  • Dual Differential Class AB Output Stage
  • PERFORMANCE Signal to Noise Ratio: 96 dB
  • Maximum Data Rate: 3 Mbps (typical 1.6 Mbps)
  • Operating Range: 10+ meters (depending on environment
  • GENERAL Power Requirements: Provided by Option Port
  • Dimensions: 1.4”L x 1.0”W x 0.5”H
  • Weight: 0.3 oz (9 g)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Max SPL: 136 dB SPL
  • Connector: 3 pin XLR, pin 2 positive


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