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CLARION Back up Camera - Extreme Electronics


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CLARION Back up Camera

Clarion's CC510 rear view camera shows you clearly what's behind you as you're backing up, and adds a unique touch — colored guide lines on the picture help you judge how much space you've got. When you see an object at the green lines at the top of the picture, you've got plenty of room. You'll exercise caution as the object passes through the yellow and orange lines, and then stop when it gets to the red lines.

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Compatible with CAU001 license plate frames

For easy attachment.

1/4" color CMOS sensor

With 342,016 active pixels provides crisp images.

Low-light sensitivity

Ensures a clear view, day or night.

AGC (auto gain control) and auto white balance

Offer enhanced picture quality. Mirror image provides an accurate view of the area behind your vehicle.

Distance guidelines

Displayed in red, orange, yellow and green help you back up with confidence.

Sealed construction

Safeguards the camera against water, water pressure, humidity and UV rays to promote long-lasting use. Compact design offers a sleek look.

Tilting and swiveling mounting bracket

Enables you to easily position the camera to suit your needs.

23' RCA and power connectors

Simplify installation.