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VIPER Digital Remote Start System (VIPER4X10) - Extreme Electronics



VIPER Digital Remote Start System (VIPER4X10)

Directed’s all new Digital Systems feature a fully functional system with an integrated data bus interface. These NEW systems are the MOST flexible systems ever created. They simplify installation with integrated interface and T-harness applications, as well as limitless control options. The system can be controlled by SmartStart, any of Directed’s long range remotes, and the factory remote simultaneously. Directed Digital Systems give you the freedom to customize the configuration for every vehicle and provide the perfect customer experience!

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    For Inquiries regarding this product (installation and compatibility) please contact us for more information. Please see the store locator
    This product can only be returned or exchanged if it has not been installed in a vehicle. Products not installed by Extreme Electronics will be covered through the manufacturer directly.

    Additional parts for installation (example vehicle interface) may be needed and sold seperately.


    - 2x Onboard high current relay
    - Relay pack control port
    - D2D port
    - Web configurable
    - Manual trans mode