Elac LS10 Aluminium Speaker Stands, Pair (LS-10-B)

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Proper speaker height is key in getting maximum performance out of any speaker. The LS10 speaker stands height is designed to keep the tweeter at near ear level as well as optimizing the coupling of the woofer into the room.


The LS-10 speaker stands has been custom designed to match the our Debut 2.0 and Uni-Fi 2.0 lines of speakers. The 6” x 8.5” steel top plate ensures a good fit with either of these series. The included rubber bumpers further help dampen cabinet vibrations. The stand itself is constructed from an aluminum center column with a steel top plate and a substantial 1” thick MDF base plate. The mass of the base plate adds extra stability to the stand. The stand comes equipped with both spikes and adjustable rubber feet allowing use on either carpet or solid floors.

Product Specifications

Color:  Black

Stand Height:  23” (With Spikes or Rubber Feet)

Top Plate Dimensions:  6” x 8.5”

Bottom Base Dimensions:  9.75” x 10.5”

Materials:  Top Plate (Steel), Center Column (Aluminum), Base (MDF)

Included Accessories:  Floor Spikes, Rubber Feet, Rubber Bumpers

Quantity:  Pair

Gross Weight:  14.33lbs

Net Weight:  5.5bs Each

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