Eleunevision 120" 2.3 5:1 Audioweave 4K NanoEdge Fixed 1.15 Gain Projector Screen (EVZAWL120115235)

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The very thin NanoEdge bezel and the LED lights behind the screen, with its large variety of colours and soft glow, complement the mood and style of any décor.

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Achieve the Ultimate Look with Colour and Brightness Remote-Controlled LEDs

EluneVision always aims to exceed the performance and value of our competitors, and the Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K NanoEdge screen is no exception. Set the ultimate mood for your room with the press of a button on the included RF remote, allowing you to control the colour, brightness as well as the option of 6 colour/brightness cycling modes. The EluneVision Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K NanoEdge fixed-frame screen uses higher density LEDs. A higher density of LEDs per linear foot is the key reason that the Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K NanoEdge screen produces an aura which is larger, smoother and of a much higher quality than so many of their competitors. Due to psycho-visual effects and way human vision works, when an image is surrounded with bright light in any colour, the perceived contrast of the image within increases significantly.

Speaker Positioning

The most important speakers in a 5.1 or 7.1 audio setup are the front 3 speakers - the left, center and right channels. The center channel is the most important channel out of the three. Most of the dialogue in movies comes through the center channel; therefore it is imperative that the sound quality of the center channel is at its best. Typically, most center channels are located above or below the screen, which compromises their sound quality by lowering horizontal dispersion. The ideal scenario is to have the center channel directly in center of the screen flanked by the left and right channels. With the Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K NanoEdge, your home theater setup can also easily be used to listen to 2.0 channel stereo music and CDs with flawless audio quality.

Extremely Fine and Smooth Weave to Maximize Detail Clarity

The Reference AudioWeave 4K NanoEdge screen uses a specially designed ultra smooth and fine weave that maximizes the picture sharpness while minimizing light leakage. This fine weave preserves the pixel structure, thereby giving the highest detail clarity, sharpness and definition of any projection screen released to date. This means, simply, that the geometry of each projected pixel remains as the projector manufacturer intended.

Stunningly Beautiful NanoEdge Bezel

The bezel of the Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K NanoEdge screen uses an ultra-thin all aluminum 10mm or 0.4” frame. The bezel is covered in ultra-black velour, which helps to soak up any stray light from the projector. The bezel gives the screen, and thus your room, a stunningly modern design aesthetic.

Moiré Free With All Projection Technologies

Moiré is typically an issue with all acoustic weave screens. The Reference AudioWeave 4K material completely eliminates this issue. Moiré appears when the pattern of the weave matches the grid pattern of the projector. To resolve this issue, the material pattern is 15 degrees off the vertical so to completely remove moiré. Furthermore, the pattern of the AudioWeave 4K is so fine that it is often smaller than the projector pixel pattern, meaning yet another layer of protection against moiré. The Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K material has been tested with LCD, DLP, D-ILA and SXRD projectors to ensure a moiré-free picture at various throw distances and viewing angles.

Seamless Video Reproduction

The black backing is one of the most important aspects of an acoustic weave fixed frame screen. All acoustic weave screens will leak a bit of light due to the perforations in the screen. This light can then hit the surfaces behind the screen and bounce back into the material and thus lowering black levels. To combat this problem, a specially designed, highly porous and low-density black backing is used to absorb the light leakage and provide better black levels. Not only does this enhance video performance, but as demonstrated above in the audio section, it will not negatively impact the audio performance of your home theater setup.

Perfect White Field Uniformity

Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K material provides perfect white field uniformity due to the material’s lambertian diffuser nature. The brightness is even across the entire screen and there will not be areas of the screen which are brighter or dark to the viewer at any viewing angle. When projecting a pure white scene, the white level will be even from edge to edge, with absolutely no hot-spotting or texturing, demonstrating a reference level of performance and image quality.

Colour Neutrality and Accuracy

EluneVision’s new Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K material is designed specifically to achieve the highest level of colour reproduction. To achieve this, the material is designed for a completely neutral colour reproduction. The lambertian diffuser property, in addition to a specially designed white base colour, maintains colour accuracy across the entire colour gamut. Many other projection materials in the market today will exhibit a shift in hue, either to the blue, green or red. This creates an unnatural balance to the colours and will decrease the colour uniformity and vibrancy.

Ultra Wide Viewing Angle

Due to the near perfect lambertian diffuser properties of the Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K material, the viewing angle is a full 180 degrees, allowing seats to be placed off axis without any changes in brightness or white field uniformity. The image on the Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K material is consistent from edge-to-edge at all viewing angles.

Near Perfect Pixel Geometry

The extremely fine woven weave leaves pixel geometry perfectly intact. Why is this important? With 1080p projectors now standard and 4K projectors on the horizon, EluneVision’s material ensures that the effective resolution remains at 1080p, while other (more expensive) competitors degrade the pixel geometry to the point that the effective resolution is no longer even close to 1080p. Due to the fact that there is near-zero texturing and perfect preservation of detail clarity, the EluneVision Reference AudioWeave 4K material will perfectly resolve 4K resolution in both today’s high end and future 4K projectors, saving you a screen upgrade.

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