Elunevision Aurora 150" 4K ALR 2.3 5:1 Fixed Frame 1.3 Gain (EVZ15013235)

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The Aurora 4K HDR material is an optically engineered material with a special coating designed to give high contrast images in both low and high ambient light situations.The Aurora 4K HDR 1.3 Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) Material is unique in its class, specifically designed for 4k and today's 1080p projectors.

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The Aurora 4K HDR 1.3 ALR is a silver metallic screen material, offering exceptional contrast boost to the image projected, giving deeper black levels while maintaining high gain. It is a front projection angular reflecting material with no texture and minimum hot-spotting compared to other similar materials in its class. Aurora 4K HDR 1.3 ALR features the widest possible viewing angle and the best viewing conditions for applications without proper light control, while providing uncompromising performance in light controlled environment. Aurora 4K HDR 1.3 ALR is a soft flexible material, available in fixed frame and motorized screens.

• Fully Opaque
• Fiberglass Reinforced
• Flexible
• Front Projection
• Metallic Grey Screen Material
• Texture-less surface
• Angular Reflective
• Excellent Ambient Light Resistance

Impregnation with Nano-Optically Shaped Particles

The Aurora 4K HDR screen material uses sub-micron sized highly reflective metallic particles to achieve:

1. High gain, bright whites, high image "pop", and increases in depth of field, all without sparkles and texturing that competitors' screens suffer from.

2. Rejection of ambient light, producing much deeper blacks, even under bright conditions.

The end result is extremely large increases in contrast of up to 950%, leading to the deepest blacks and brightest whites in both low and high ambient light situations. In short, your image will be vibrant and high-contrast, no matter the ambient light environment.

Ultra-High Contrast Under both High and Low Ambient-Light Conditions

The engineering and technology used in the Aurora 4K UHD material results in an highly perceptible boost in contrast of up to 950% versus conventional projection materials. The increase in contrast can be seen as a night/day difference in high ambient light situation. Furthermore, unlike other ambient-light rejecting materials, which only work well in high ambient-light situations, the Aurora 4K UHD material can be used in both high-ambient light environments, dedicated theater rooms and everything else in between. The material decreases light spill and light scatter which ultimately results in higher contrast in any environment, allowing you to maximize projection performance of your theater whether you have the lights on or off.

Specifically Designed for 4K HDR 10-bit Colour

The Aurora 4K HDR screen material was specifically designed with the new HDR 10-bit 4K UHD discs in mind. The new BT2020 colour space on the HDR Blu-ray discs reproduces many more colours than the old REC709 Blu-ray colour space and the Aurora 4K material ensures that all colours are accurately reproduced, leading to more vibrant and life-like HD projection.

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