Elunevision Reference Studio Fixed-Frame 16:9 Projector Screen, 115" (EVF311510)

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Reference Studio series EV-F3-115-1.0 screen comes from EluneVIsion’s R&D efforts in creating a material that is 100% transparent to the user, and designed for maximum detail clarity when used with 1080p projectors.

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Texture-Free Screen Surface
The EluneVision Reference Studio family of screens have the highest clarity, sharpness and definition of any projection screen released to date. This means, simply, that the geometry of each projected pixel remains as the projector manufacturer intended.

Perfect Pixel Geometry
The lack of texture leaves pixel geometry perfectly intact with our material. Why is this important? With 1080p projectors now standard, EluneVision’s material ensures that the effective resolution remains at 1080p.

No Sparkles or Graininess - Complete Invisibility of Screen Material
Due to the use of a smooth and near perfect lambertian diffuser material, the screen has absolutely no sparkles. The screen was purposely engineered to disperse the light evenly in a hemispherical distribution, creating a perfect reproduction, as the director intended.

Absolutely No Hot Spotting - 100% Screen Transparency
A big problem with fixed screens is hot spotting results in an area at the center of the screen with high glare and light, surrounded by a comparably darker image at the top, bottom and sides of the screen. This is not a phenomenon that only cheaper screens suffer from.

Perfect White Field Uniformity
Reference Studio provides perfect white field uniformity due to the material’s lambertian diffuser nature. When projecting a pure white scene, the white level will be even from edge to edge, with absolutely no hot spotting or texturing, demonstrating a reference level of performance and image quality.

Forged Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Construction
The entire frame on the Reference Studio screens is made from forged aircraft-grade aluminum. The all aluminum construction, in combination with the 5” width, means that the screen will not bend or bow under any circumstances. The frames are forged as a single piece and therefore do not have any weak points where it may break or deform under strain.

Easy Installation
Installing the screen is a snap, literally. With snap on tension system, your screen will be ready for primetime within 1-2 hours. The screens also come with movable mounting brackets which allow greater versatility of where to place the mounting screws. With a few simple tools you’ll be watching all your favorite movies and sports in no time.

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