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EPSON 3D RF Glasses ELPGS03 V12H548006 - Extreme Electronics

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EPSON 3D RF Glasses (V12H548006)

The black Epson 3D Glasses (RF) V12H548006 are designed to work with Epson RF 3D projectors to allow you to enjoy the immersive, wraparound visuals of 3D movies and games. The glasses are lightweight and fully adjustable for comfort and convenience, and will fit over most eyeglasses. The glasses can last for up to 40 hours on a single charge. for use with RF 3D projectors including the PowerLite Home Cinemas 2000, 2030, 3020, 3020e, 5020UB, 5020UBe, 5030UB, 5030UBe, and 750HD; Pro Cinemas 4030, 6020UB, and 6030UB; and the PowerLite W16 projector. Rechargeable2 — up to 40 hours, plus 3-minute quick charge  

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