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EXTREMEPRO 1080p Outdoor Wire Free Battery Powered 6 Camera System & 1TB Hard Drive (EXTPRO66B0802FWL) - Extreme Electronics


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EXTREMEPRO 1080p Outdoor Wire Free Battery Powered 6 Camera System & 1TB Hard Drive (EXTPRO66B0802FWL)

This system includes 6 Battery Powered Black Outdoor Metal Cameras with Ultra-Wide Lens, 150ft Night Vision, Two-Way Audio Speaker-Mic.  Wire-Free Security Camera Systems  are the perfect hassle-free system designed for quick installation and efficient monitoring. This system comes with six battery operated security cameras and a security grade DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with a 1TB hard drive. This ability to store recordings locally provides personal safety and no additional monthly fees for cloud storage. The DVR also gives you easy smartphone access to live or recorded footage from wherever you are. Coupled with wire-free cameras that include professional motion detection, 1080p HD video resolution, two-way talk, infrared night vision, and a weatherproof IP66 rating, this system has you covered day and night, no matter what the elements have in store. There are absolutely no monthly fees associated with this security system.

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Wire-free camera features include full 1080p HD recording resolution, crisp infrared night vision, advanced motion detection and weather resistant housings to ensure the highest level of wire-free security available. There is also no hidden fees or monthly subscriptions moving forward with this wire-free security system.

Easy installation

There's no need to call a professional installer with this security system. The cameras included are completely wire-free, which means that there is absolutely no cabling involved to power them or connect them to the DVR. Just attach the metal mount to any sturdy surface, secure the camera to it, and insert the battery pack.*

Long lasting lithium-ion battery

Each wire-free camera includes a powerful and long lasting battery Power Pack. With these two-cell rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, you can expect up to four months of use before having to recharge them.* The ultimate life of your battery will depend on its usage. Cameras in low traffic areas, for example, will have a longer battery life than those in high traffic areas. This is simply because the high traffic area camera will turn on more often. There is no need to worry, though, as you will receive low battery notifications through the app straight to your phone. You can also check the state of the battery at any time through the app. Another important feature is the Power Pack's convenient quick-release function, which allows for easy battery replacement without having to remove the camera from its mount.

Motion Recording

Wire-free security cameras are designed to start recording when motion is detected. When a camera senses motion, it will automatically wake up and start recording. It will then keep recording for a customizable period of time before returning to standby mode.

Weatherproof receiver

The wireless receiver for this system is also weatherproof. This means that you can run the USB cable from your DVR outdoors to install the receiver on the side of your house for even better wireless reception.

Secure local storage

A massive 1 terabyte (TB) security certified hard drive is included within your DVR. This amount of storage can keep up to two years of motion recordings. Local storage also means that your security footage is always safe and secure within your residence and not in a cloud.

Upgradable hard drive

The 1TB hard drive within the DVR can be upgraded to a 6TB hard drive. This amount of storage means that all motion events will be saved for virtually forever. Please refer to the DVR manual for hard drive installation instructions.

Real-life tested battery life

The batteries within the wire-free security camera's Power Pack are not your ordinary batteries. First of all, they have a very high energy density. This allows them to operate for much longer periods between charges. Secondly, their discharge rate is much lower than other non-lithium ion rechargeable batteries. In fact, these batteries have an extremely gradual self-discharge rate that maintains 85% of their capacity after 1 year of storage at 68°F (20°C). Furthermore, they can be used at extreme temperatures from -4°F to 158° (-20°C to +70°C) for incredible reliability. There is no need to prime these batteries before use either, and they have no memory effect, so you can recharge them without having to completely deplete their energy.

Crisp 1080p HD quality recordings

Wire-free cameras can record full 1080p resolution video. They also use a wide 88° angle lens, which, in comparison to wider angle lenses that stretch the field of view, will precisely represent real-life with an undistorted image.

Safe for outdoor installations

Rain and snow are no match for your wire-free cameras. They will even continue to operate in freezing temperatures as low as -4°F and as high as 104°F. You may want to choose sheltered locations for your cameras for an extra level of protection from the elements and to keep the lens clean of any weather related obstructions or residue.

No monthly fees

Don't continue to pay for your security system after purchase. There are no hidden fees or monthly cloud storage subscriptions required moving forward. Even the app is absolutely free of charge.

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