Gladen 2 Way Component Speakers (ZEROPRO165.2PPA)

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motoh-end system consisting of a 165 mm woofer and a 28 mm dome tweeter.

The woofer has a phase plug in the center. Acoustically, the phase plug ensures that the sound emitted by the cone is not reflected at the pole core. In this case, phase shifting can lead to cancellations that are noticeable as a dip in the midrange.

A passive crossover is included with the speaker system (not with AC active version). The complete Gladen Zero Pro speaker system is designed and built in Germany.

For better alignment or mounting of the tweeter the optional Gladen PODs  an be used.



  • Size: 165 mm
  • Sand-coated paper membrane
  • Aluminum basket
  • Nomex spider
  • Phase-plug
  • 38 mm voice coil
  • 3 Ohms impedance


  • Size: 28 mm (voice coil)
  • Silk fabric membrane
  • Aluminum housing
  • Hexagon-grille
  • 4 Ohms impedance 

Crossover, not included for active version (AC):

  • Plexiglas housing
  • Over 1.000 setting options
  • Solid and gold-plated screw terminals
  • PTC tweeter protection
  • Gold-plated screw terminals



  • 165 mm 2-way component speaker system
  • 2 x 225 / 150 Watts
  • 3 Ohm impedance
  • (AC) Active-version, without crossover


Gladen Zero Pro 2 Way Component Speakers

Type Speakers Package


Name HG-165ZPPP-3
DC resistance Rdc 2,5 Ω
Nominal impedance ZN 3 Ω
Resonance frequency fs 53,86 HZ
Voice coil diameter 37 mm
Mechanical Q factor Qms 3,92
Electrical Q factor Qes 0,45
Total Q factor Qts 0,40
Moving mass Mms 14,22 g
Effective piston area Sd 135 cm2
Mechanical resistance Rms 1,23 Kg/s
Compliance Cms 0,61 mm/N
Force factor BL 5,17 Tm
Equivalent air volume Vas 15,71 dm3
Efficiency η 0,53 %
SPL 2,83V/1m 94,26 dB
Cone Paper
Spider Nomex
Surround Rubber
Coil former Aluminum
Basket Aluminum
Phase Plug Aluminum


Name HG-28PV
DC resistance Rdc 3,4 Ω
Nominal impedance ZN 4 Ω
Resonance frequency fs 800 HZ
Voice coil diameter 28 mm
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