Human Touch Perfect Chair 350 Classic Base With Top Grain (Leather) Pad-Set (PC-350-100-001)

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The Human Touch® Perfect Chair® artfully blends the best of aesthetics, technology, and wellness in a seating experience that transcends the highest standards of comfort.

Perfect Chair 350 Overview

The electric recline system eases the body into a virtually weightless position, as it elevates the legs above the heart and relieves weight from the spine. This remarkable chair relieves the soreness, tension, and fatigue caused by the earth’s constant pulling, while its fixed-form seating position ensures maximum ergonomic posture at all recline angles.

Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-350 Features

Zero Gravity Recline

The zero gravity position of the Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-350 places your feet above your heart. This position is the ultimate, doctor-recommended, neutral-posture position for the back and spine relief, which naturally decompresses the vertebrae.

Power Recline

The PC-350 has a smooth power recline with split-second digital acceleration at all recline angles.

Articulating Headrest with Full Support Head Pillow

Customize the optimum angle of comfort, maximizing neck support at any recline angle. The comfort pillow cradles the head and neck while providing ergonomic support.

Solid Wood Base

The Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-350 has a hand-carved and hand-sanded solid wood base made from the Hevea Brasiliensis (rubber tree), which yields one of the strongest woods on earth.

Durable Top-Grain Leather

Durable leather is designed for longevity with a subtle, pebble-grain texture. The top-grain, aniline-dyed leather of the PC-350 is made from the strongest and most supple part of the hide. Surrounding yourself in fine leather is the ultimate luxury.

The Strength of Steel

The High-tensile strength steel is sandblasted, cleaned, and powder-coated with a protective surface ensuring long-term durability of the PC-350 and a smooth, quiet glide when reclining.

More Specifications

Upright Chair Dimensions 46"L X 32"W X 46"H
Reclined Dimensions 64"L X 32"W X 42"H
Seat Dimensions 23"W x 19"D x 19"H
Product Weight 80 lbs
Rear Clearance Required 12"
Shipping Box Dimensions 42"L x 30"W x 27"H
Warranty 3-Year Limited
Maximum Load Weight 400 Lbs
Gross weight (in the box) 99 Lbs

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