iDatalink MyCar 3 Year Plan Modules (HCX000AVS4LU)

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These are the MyCar VS4LU1 with first year free service and the VS4LU3 with 3 years free service smartphone controllers with North American service coverage, GPS tracking.

MyCar connects you by providing an entirely new level of 2-way interaction with your vehicle. The easy-to-use MyCar app interface gives you control to remote start, lock, unlock and locate your vehicle from anywhere just by pushing a button on your smartphone.

For Inquiries regarding this product (installation and compatibility) please contact us for more information. Please see the store locator
This product can only be returned or exchanged if it has not been installed in a vehicle. Products not installed by Extreme Electronics will be covered through the manufacturer directly.

Additional parts for installation (example vehicle interface) may be needed and sold seperately.

Control My Car
  • -Start or Stop your vehicle's engine from anywhere in the world
  • -Door, Trunk or Hatch easy Access
  • -Control your vehicle accessories
  • -Ultra-Fast communication
  • -Protect your app with a Pin for added security
  • -Manage multiple cars in the same acount
  • -Manage up to 4 different users on the same vehicle


My Car status
  • -Realtime action processes
  • -True Engine Runtime status
  • -True Realtime Doorlock Status
  • -Remote Starter Trouble code notifications
  • -Theft Alarm Notifications for break-ins
  • -Battery level indicator
  • -Telematics signal strength


Customize My Car
  • -Select your vehicle image to display
  • -Add a maximum of 4 different Auxiliaries
  • -All Auxiliaries are fully configurable
Locate My Car
  • -Locate current position of My Car using the internal GPS

My Car system is compatible with the following remote starter brands and models:

ADS iDatalink
Directed Electronics
Fortin Electronics
Compustar 7000 series
Compustar 6000 series

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