iDatalink Factory Integration Adapter for Select 2010-Up GM Vehicles (HRN-RR-GM2)

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iDatalink's HRN-RR-GM2 wiring adapter allows you to connect a new car stereo in select 2010-up GM vehicles, working in conjunction with iDatalink's Maestro ADS-MRR module. Once connected, you'll retain the use of your steering wheel audio controls in these vehicles, as well as your warning chimes, OnStar, factory amplifier, and park assist feature. If you're installing an iDatalink-ready car stereo, you'll also keep your Bluetooth, USB media player, backup camera, and the Retained Accessory Power feature (RAP).The package includes connectors that plug in between the Maestro module, your factory radio's wiring plugs, and the serial port on your new car stereo (if present). You'll have to solder or splice together this harness's power/ground, illumination, and speaker wires to the corresponding wires on your aftermarket receiver's wiring harness.The HRN-RR-GM2 adapter must be used with the iDatalink Maestro ADS-MRR module to connect a new car stereo to your General Motors vehicle.

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