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IQ Lightning Cable, 7.5 Ft (IQA912L) - Extreme Electronics


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IQ Lightning Cable, 7.5 Ft (IQA912L)

Premium braided cable jacket with durable strain relief connector design

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On-the-go rapid charging for your mobile lifestyle.

Designed to charge two devices at the same time, including your iPod, iPhone, and iPad with the Lightning Connector.

An additional USB port provides on-the-go charging of other mobile devices for a truly versatile mobile charging experience.

Using your car’s 12-volt power socket, the iQ 2-in-1 In-Car Charger lets you charge one USB-compatible mobile device, and an Apple Lightning connector device such as an iPad or iPhone, at the same time.

The intelligent and ultracompact LightningTM connector has a reversible design, which makes plugging in your iPod, iPad, or iPhone easier than ever before.

Features & Benefits

12V 3.4A Apple 9Pin In- Car charger with an extra USB port
Charges any electronic device that conforms to USB charging specifications

Red LED ring illuminates to indicate charging is in progress

Extra-long cord ensures an easy connection in a variety of vehicles

Allows you to rapidly charge 2 devices simultaneously