JL Audio Slash 300 Watt 4 Channel Class A/B Full-Range Amplifier (98351)

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The patented Class D output circuitry in the monoblocks has been enhanced to deliver 20% more power than the previous generation amplifiers. On-board signal processing includes a parametric equalizer and highly advanced crossover controls. The companion four-channel amplifier is the 300/4v3, offering 75W x 4 from JL Audio’s patented Absolute Symmetry Class A/B output stage

4-Channel Class A/B Full-Range Amplifier, 75 W x 4 @ 1.5-4 Ω

If you prefer a traditional Class A/B design taken to its highest possible level, the 300/4v3 is your amplifier, thanks to its outstanding fidelity, reliability and well-designed feature set.

This classic amplifier features JL Audio's unique, and patented, Absolute Symmetry Class A/B circuit and our R.I.P.S. power supply design for full power delivery (75 W x 4) over a wide range of load impedances and vehicle voltages.

This amplifier features an all-black look that is pure, sexy evil, including the powder-coated cast alloy heat sink and end caps.

@ 4 Ω 75 W RMS x 4
@ 3 Ω 75 W RMS x 4
@ 2 Ω 75 W RMS x 4
@ 1.5 Ω 75 W RMS x 4
Bridged @ 8 Ω 150 W RMS x 2
Bridged @ 4 Ω

150 W RMS x 2

Height (H) 2.36 in / 60 mm
Width (W) 13.40 in / 340 mm
Depth (D) 9.25 in / 235 mm

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