Klipsch 12" THX Ultra 2 Subwoofer (KW120THX) each

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The world's finest theater operators choose Klipsch cinema systems because they deliver the full impact of the most intense action movie soundtracks without sacrificing musical definition. When designing the KW-120-THX subwoofer, Klipsch applied its theater experience to bring the same powerful, deep-driving bass to the comforts of home.

The KW-120-THX is a compact, high-output, low-distortion passive subwoofer suitable for use in any high-performance home-theater or music system. A pair of KW-120-THXs driven by  a  KA-1000-THX  amplifier  meet  all requirements for THX Ultra2 certification. Although a single KW-120-THX does not satisfy the stringent THX Ultra2 maximum- output specification, which assumes a very large room, it is more than adequate for a typical small or medium-sized room. Either configuration is capable of intense, powerful deep-bass reproduction, with no loss of clarity or detail at even the highest levels demanded by modern action-movie soundtracks. The cabinet is front-ported to maximize installation flexibility . The KW-120-THX is built around a cast- frame, long-throw driver with a 12-inch Cerametallic™ cone. Propelling it is a powerful motor structure with a huge, 240- ounce magnet. This rugged, no-compromise driver is capable of staggering output without breakup or distortion. Construction is to the highest standard, with  a professional grade rabbet and dado locked panel cabinet and premium components throughout to ensure sonic purity, consistency, and reliability. Each subwoofer enclosure has a NL2 SpeakOn ™ input for correct, secure amplifier connections, and each KW-120-THX is supplied with a 20-foot THX Ultra certified speaker cable terminated with NL2 SpeakOn connectors.

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