Power Acoustic Single 7" LCD Bracket Mount Monitor W/ Built-In DVD Player (PHAD7)

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Enjoy your widescreen DVDs without annoying black bars across the top and bottom of the screen, or zooming in to some awkward ratio and loosing most of the image! Package includes 2 headrests, and two pairs of headphones!
  • 7" LCD Headrest Bracket-Mount DVD Player
  • Universal design is fully compatible for vehicles with Active Headrest
  • Built-in 2-channel IR transmitter for connection to wireless headphones
  • FM Stereo Transmitter for Easy OEM Integration
  • Front 3.5mm mini-jack headphone output for wired headphones
  • A/V AUX inputs can be used to connect game consoles or other media devices
  • HDMI input for device mirroring
  • Screen Size: 7"
  • Resolution: 800 x 480
  • 16:9 widescreen resolution
  • 400 NIT Screen Brightness
  • A/V Input 1: 3.5mm
  • A/V Input 2: RCA
  • A/V Output: RCA
  • HDMI input
  • 32 GB USB and SD Card Reader for video playback
  • DVD/RW 720p playback
  • 4.75"-8.25" Pole Width Adjustment
  • Various pole diameter adapters included for easy adjustments
  • Color options included: gray, beige, and black

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