PowerBass XMA Mono Block Mini Amplifier-Open Box (XMA1205D)

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PowerBass is pleased to introduce our newest mini amplifier series, the Xtreme Mini Amplifier (XMA). As today’s vehicles become smaller they present a challenge to find a place for a big amplifier with big power output. The new XMA amplifiers are ideal for tight installations making it possible to put this series in places other amplifiers can’t go. The XMA amplifiers carry on the tradition of looking good and sounding great while taking up less space than any other amplifier we have ever offered – and smaller than most amps available from the majority of our competitors’ at the same output levels.

Open Box items are items returned to the store for any reason except manufacturing defect or severe damage. It can also include display and demo models. Items may have cosmetic defects. Full warranty still applies.


  • Precision Tuned Electronic Crossover
  • High Damping Control Circuit
  • High Efficiency SMD Circuit Technology 
  • Ultra Low Current Draw With More Than A 85% Efficiency Rating
  • Dual Link Circuitry (2-ohm minimum)
  • Blue LED Logo Lighting
  • Variable Remote Level Control
  • Auto Turn-On Circuit


4-ohm Power:
500 watts x 1

2-ohm Power:
800 watts x 1

1-ohm Mono Power:
1200 watts x 1

Peak Power:
2400 watts

Total Harmonic Distortion:
<0.4 %

Frequency Response:
10 Hz - 300 Hz

S/N Ratio:
>100 dB

Input Sensitivity:
0.25 V - 10.0 V

Crossover Slope:
12 dB

Low-Pass Crossover Freq:
25 Hz - 250 Hz

Variable Subsonic Freq:
10 - 50 dB

Variable Subwoofer EQ:
0 - 18 Hz

Subwoofer EQ Frequency:
40 Hz- 100 Hz

Dimensions (in Inches):
14.7" x 7.1" x 2.0"

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