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High quality turntable mat made of a cork-rubber mix

Isolating the critical parts of your turntable is the most important thing for achieving fantastic sounding vinyl playback. A key step is isolating the actual vinyl record from the turntable platter itself. Quality cartridges are extremely sensitive, and can easily detect interactions between your record and the platter surface.

Standard felt mats have poor anti-static characteristics, which attracts dust to your precious vinyl. They are often too thin for effective acoustic control of platters, especially those made from metal.

On the other hand, thick rubber mats can Isolate the record from your turntable too much. This makes the record vulnerable to static build-up, and can result in noise and clicks during playback.

As the name suggests, Cork & Rubber-it uses a carefully blended mix of cork and rubber to offer the ultimate acoustic control of rubber alongside the anti-static properties of cork. Cork & Rubber it is available in mm or mm thicknesses, to suit all turntables. The two thickness options allow you to choose what’s best for your turntable, and cater for your personal listening tastes at the same time.

Recommendation: Try the thick mat on thin metal platters and the thin one on dense or heavy platters!


  • Avoids static load
  • Less noise
  • Fits all turntables
  • Available in two different thickness options (3 mm & 1 mm)


Soundtuning with turntable mat

Type Cork & Rubber it

Technical Specifications

Material cork & rubber
Diameter 300mm
Thickness 1mm or 3mm
Colour Brown

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