Rockford Fosgate Power Series Mono Sub Amplifier, 2500 Watt RMS x 1 at 2 Ohm (T25001BDCP)

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Power Series amplifiers actively monitor their speakers' performance using Rockford Fosgate's Constant Power technology. A speaker's impedance naturally fluctuates as it performs. So, just like your cruise control increases the engine's RPM to maintain your car's speed uphill, Constant Power maintains this amp's output by increasing its internal voltage and current when the speaker's impedance rises. This results in up to a 25% increase in the amp's total power output, especially in the crucial range below 50 Hz where a sub amp really has to shine.

Rugged construction, massive bass

Rockford Fosgate builds each Power Series mono amplifier with heavy-duty, state-of-the-art components. The award-winning Dynamic Thermal Management design manages the temperature of the internal components, distributing heat evenly for higher efficiency and lower distortion. The unique heat sink allows the heat to escape more readily so the high-power output transistors stay cooler and last longer.

2,500 watts of raging Rockford Fosgate power

The T2500-1bdCP mono sub amp uses an efficient Class bd design to deliver up to 2,500 watts to your subwoofer system. This amp can even drive a 1-ohm load, so you can get massive bass out of a wide variety of system designs. Competitors, you can tie two of these amps together to power a single sub system. The variable 24/dB per octave crossover creates a more natural sounding transition from your speakers to your subs. And the 2-year warranty tells you that Rockford Fosgate stands behind this bass behemoth.

Product Highlights:

  • -mono subwoofer amplifier
  • -1,500 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms (2,500 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms)
  • -2,500 watts RMS x 1 at 1 ohm
  • -CEA-2006 compliant
  • -Dynamic Thermal Management cooling system
  • -Master Sync: allows two of these amps to be tied together
  • -variable low-pass filter (32-250 Hz, 24 dB/octave)
  • -selectable subsonic filter (28Hz, 12 dB/octave)
  • -variable bass boost (0-18 dB at 45 Hz)
  • -optional wired remote bass boost
  • -Class-BD amplifier design
  • -MOSFET power and output stages
  • -preamp inputs and outputs
  • -1/0-gauge power and ground leads and an 250-amp fuse recommended — wiring and hardware not included with amplifier
  • -no onboard fuses — when installing multiple amps in a system, an additional 250-amp in-line fuse between the distribution block and the amplifier is recommended
  • -21-7/8"W x 2-3/16"H x 9-7/16"D
  • -warranty: 2 years

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