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ROSWELL Dual Volume Control - Extreme Electronics


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ROSWELL Dual Volume Control

Tired of taking your eyes off the water to dig through poorly-designed head unit menus just to adjust the balance between your in-boat and tower speakers? Tired of spending obnoxious sums of cash on head units so crammed full of gimmicks that the audio quality is a mere afterthought, when all you REALLY wanted was convenient zone control?

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The analog solution

enhance your systems performance

That's why we created the Dual Zone Volume Control. With this elegant analog solution, you can enhance your systems performance by conveniently controlling your in-boat and tower speaker volumes independently and on-the-fly. Have a conversation in the cockpit while your rider rocks out, or pump up the music in the cockpit without waking up the neighbors with your tower speakers. Pairs perfectly with our 5 Meter 6 Channel RCA cable.


Dual Zone
Volume Control


• Independent volume control for 2 zones
• Simple installation
• Dual logarithmic pots for intuitive response
• Connects with 6 gold-plated female RCA connectors
• Quad-shielded cable for the ultimate in noise rejection