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RUSSOUND Active Component Video Balun Kit (VBHD) - Extreme Electronics


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RUSSOUND Active Component Video Balun Kit (VBHD)

The VBHD Component Video Balun Kit provides a pair of active baluns for sending a component video signal over a single CAT-5 cable. This allows signals to travel longer distances without degradation or interference than with traditional coaxial cable solutions.

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Compatible with analog high-definition video signals up to 1080i, the kit can be used to connect a remote source to a home theater receiver or to send the output of an A/V receiver to a remote TV.

The VBHD kit includes an HDTX Transmitter module, an HDRX Receiver module and a power supply. Active circuitry in the transmitter automatically adjusts the output level to compensate for the cable length, thus eliminating signal loss up to 500 feet (152 m).
Standard Features

    Active circuitry eliminates signal loss
    Compatible up to 1080i - great for home theater installations
    Balanced signals elimate ground loops and resist interference
    Modules connect with inexpensive CAT-5 cable