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Record Cam

SAFETY PLUS Dashboard Camera

The MobileDVR DR-110 is is a compact windshield-mounted self-contained DVR system with a built-in 120° CMOS color camera and is part of our RecordCam™ series of DVR systems. It is your "On-site Witness" which can record an accident or vehicle performance in the event of an accident or other disputed circumstances.

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The unit is automatically activated once the built-in G-sensor detects a sudden change in wheel speed or if a shock is detected in an accident. It can also be switched between automatic and manual recording modes. In manual recording mode, the DVR will start recording at the push of a button and continue recording until the button is pressed again to stop. The system also has a built-in motion sensor that starts automatically recording when the car is parked if anything moves in front of the camera.

Recordings are stored on a 4GB or 8GB Micro SD card and the systems cyclic recordings modes will allow the unit to automatically record over older recordings when the SD card is full. The high definition image video can be played back on many different devices such as a DVD player, GPS device, laptop or desktop computer or through your smart phone.

• Fleet management companies (Taxis, buses, trucks, etc)
• Emergency vehicles (Police, fire, paramedics, etc)
• Rental car companies
• Driving centers and driving instructors
• Motor insurance companies
• Car importers and dealers
• Vehicle owners

G-SENSOR VIDEO TRIGGER: When the G-Sensor detects the speed variation of the vehicle, the recoding will start automatically

MANUAL RECORDING MODE: The system will enter into the general or Manual video mode automatically after the engine is started. The video recordings will be saved onto the SD card effectively. You can also activate the recordings yourself by pressing the "Record/Pause" button

Recordings can be reviewed at anytime from any device such as a DVD Player, Smart Phone, Laptop or Desktop computer. All recordings are stored in individual files on a Micro SD card which can be retrieved from the system. The size of the Micro SD is either 4GB or 8GB

MobileDVR DR-110 Highlights:

• Provides around-the-clock video surveillance recording of your vehicle
• Small size makes it very easy to install
• Mounts to the windshield in seconds with supplied 3M tape
• Built-in 120° CMOS color camera
• Uses 4GB or 8GB Micro SD card for recording storage
• AV output for hook-up with an aftermarket LCD monitor
• Recordings can be viewed in the vehicle or on your home computer
• Resolution: 640 × 480 pixels
• NTSC / PAL video system
• Built-in G-Sensor: In the event of an accident, the G-sensor will detect the impact and begin recording
• Built-in Motion Sensor: System will start recording if anything moves in front of the camera when the ignition is off and the vehicle is parked
• Built-in microphone for audio recording