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SEVERTSON Broadway 106" 16:9 Fixed Screen - Extreme Electronics

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SEVERTSON Broadway 106" 16:9 Fixed Screen

The Broadway Series is a collection of fixed frame projection screens that offer a sturdy extruded aluminum 6-piece frame with a 2 3/8" bezel, wrapped in light-absorbing black velvet. It is an excellent solution for any venue needing a quality, high-performance projection screen.    

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This model is available in bright white or high-contrast grey. We recommend bright white for a controlled lighting environment, and high contrast grey for darker darks in an ambient environment.


  • 2.375" deluxe, velvet-wrapped frame.
  • White or grey black-backed viny projection surface
  • Easy assembly with Severtson's Rod Tensioning System (RTS)

    Experience Broadway

    The Broadway Series is one of Severtson's quality series of fixed- frame projection screens. Each beautifully designed screen is a masterpiece perfect for any home theater, office, or other venue. The durable, 6-piece aluminum frame offers an elegant border to the screen, for a clean, sharp appearance.

    This makes it a great addition to any home theater, sports bar, conference room, or just about any other venue.

    Material Choices

    Matte White - 1.1 gain

    A smooth vinyl, with a white front and black back. The screen surface provides an exceptionally wide 120° viewing angle.

    It is a great choice for situations with well controlled ambient light, and where an exceptionally wide viewing angle is required.

    Matte Grey - 1.0 gain

    Smooth grey vinyl with a black back. This screen surface provides a higher contrast, for situations where there is more ambient light, and a wide viewing angle is desired.