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SHAW universal Anywhere UHF Remote (URC600)

Your remote control is the key to unlocking the functionality of your Essential HD Receiver (600). Use it to access the menus and features.

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Your remote control is the key that unlocks all the power and functionality of your Essential HD Receiver (600). You use it to access the Essential HD Receiver menus that deliver your exceptional TV experience.

Power: Turns Essential HD Receiver
on and off. Hold for 1.5 seconds to turn
all programmed devices on and off.

Mode keys: (SAT, TV, AUX). Press once and the remote will control that item. If you're having trouble controlling your satellite receiver, ensure the remote is in SAT mode.

Source: In TV mode, this will change the TV input. For example, from Satellite to DVD, a video game, or any other inputs you might have available.

Aspect: This changes the way the Essential HD Receiver displays content. The Stretch and Zoom options will eliminate black bars from the top and sides of your screen. The Normal setting shows the picture as composed by the broadcaster.

DVR/DVD Keys: If programmed, these keys will control a DVD or VCR in AUX mode.

Menu: Launches the Menu Bar.

FAV: Brings up the Favourite Lists menu, where you can select, create or modify a favourite channel list.

PVR: Displays a list of recorded programs on the Advanced HDPVR (630).

Go Back: Returns to the previous menu and saves your changes.

Navigation Keys: Navigate within onscreen menus.

Enter: This is what makes things happen. Highlight a menu item or option and press Enter to make that selection and either perform a function or bring up a new menu.

Info: Press on an item in the guide, on a menu, or while watching TV to get detailed information about the program.

Guide: Launches the interactive On-Screen Guide.

Exit: Exits the menus or screen and saves any changes made.

Vol (+ and -): Raises or lowers the volume. The remote can be programmed to control either your TV volume, or volume through a home theatre system.

Mute: Mutes volume.

ABCD Interactive buttons: A will launch the menu bar. The other buttons are available for future use.

Ch (+ and -): Changes the channel up or down. Or, when viewing the onscreen guide or search results, it moves the page up or down.

Last: Returns to the last channel viewed.

Number Keys: Enter the channel number to change to that channel.

Help: Displays a help screen specific to your location in the menus or guide.

Options: Brings up the receivers Options menu.