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SHAW Advanced HDPVR receiver system - BONUS Free installation (PVR630)

The Motorola PVR630 combines a full-featured, MPEG-4 capable digital receiver with an advanced high-definition television (HDTV) decoder and personal video recording (PVR) functionality. It delivers dazzling high-definition programming, an easy-to-use menu, and advanced interactive capabilities. In addition to the standard audio and video ports, the PVR630 includes component high-definition and HDMI outputs. The HDPVR 630 also includes a hard disk drive that allows users to record programs for later viewing, as well as pause and resume live programming.

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The PVR630 enchanced viewer menu system contains an on-screen program guide that provides extensive program information to help viewers plan ahead. Future upgrades to the guide can be downloaded via satellite. The easy-to-use menu system is conveniently intergrated in the remote control.
• Simple Navigation
• Picture-in-Guide
• Dual-tuner PVR
• Enhanced Parental Controls
• Upgradable