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Stinger 70 Amp Power Supply - Extreme Electronics


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Stinger 70 Amp Power Supply

The Stinger Power Supply thinks for itself, by monitoring and sensing the load and ambient conditions and supplying "clean" nominal 13.6 VDC power from input voltages that range from 90-130 VAC. Operates with or without a battery connected, the output of the Stinger Power Supply is a regulated, filtered D.C. voltage that can power sensitive electronics without the need of a battery or other filtering.

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  •  Freedom to mount in any position without acid leakage.
  •  No terminal corrosion.
  •  Extremely fast recharge capability.
  •  More power per pound than any other battery. 
  • 3 Year Full Replacement Warranty
  • Direct Replacement for OEM Battery Group Size 34/34M/78


  • Includes removable brass battery posts for installation flexibility. 
  • 12v Dry Cell Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery (AGM) 
  • OEM replacement for group 34/78 
  • SPP Series Batteries are good for over 400 full discharge cycles. 
  • Internal resistance: 3.0 mOhms = Ability to quickly deliver power. The lower the number the faster the delivery. 
  • 20 hour rate: 3.25A/65Ah 
  • 5 hour rate: 11.0A/55Ah 
  • 1/2 hour rate:80A/10Ah 
  • 5 Second Cranking Amps: 1500A 
  • CCA: 825A 
  • Watts: 3000 
  • Peak Discharge: 3100A 
  • Weight: 44.86 lbs. 
  • Dimensions: (7.82”H x 6.99”W x 10.85”D)