Strong Contractor Series 30" Extension Universal Articulating Mount With Dual Arms, 37"-70" Displays (SMCSART2L)

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With the Contractor Series, Strong™ brings installers a full-featured solution for budget-conscious installations. With universal compatibility and smooth full-motion adjust-ability, you'll appreciate its flexibility as well as its value. Bonus Full up/down and left/right tilt so tv is always straight.

    Easy to Install

    Simply attach the arms to your TV (up to 90 inches) and hang it on the mounting extension for an install that literally takes minutes.

    Integrated Wire Management

    Wire management covers are built right into the mount’s arms to provide your customers with a neat, clean install.

    Easy Horizontal Adjustment

    This mount makes it easy to adjust for less-than-ideal stud placement. Multiple bolt slots in the back plate enable a horizontal shift of up to 6 inches.

    Leveling Adjustment

    Easily rotate the TV after installation to compensate for ‘droop’ that can be caused by uneven weight distribution.

    Adjustable Tension

    Whether the movement is too stiff or too loose upon installation, simple adjustments along the joints allow you to adjust on the fly.

    Rugged Construction

    Like all our mounts, this Strong product lives up to its name. A stamped steel back plate and welded tubular steel arms provide rugged durability and smooth motion.

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