TOA 450 Watt 8 ohm 15" Weather Resistant Subwoofer, black (SRC15BWP) each

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High Performance Subwoofer

The SR-C15B Sub-woofer system is designed to be used in conjunction with the SR-C8L or SR-C8S Line array speaker. Recommended digital speaker processor is the DP-SP3 (option).

  • 38cm (15“) subwoofer
  • Input connectors include screw terminal connections and two Neutrik NL4 type sockets
  • High power handling
  • Enclosure equipped with M8 threaded steel plates for the secure attachment of optional accessory brackets
  • Accessory brackets for suspension and stand mounting
  • Waterproof

TOA Type C speakers are module-type 2-way line array speaker systems featuring a 20-cm low-frequency Neodymium woofer and two 2.5 cm Neodymium drivers. They are designed to take advantage of original TOA phase wave front control technology, enabling creation of a sound field combining clear audio reproduction and uniform sound dispersion. Type C speakers consist of six models: one with a 15° vertical sound dispersion angle, making it ideal for shorter distance applications, another with a 5° vertical dispersion angle, intended for longerrange sound dispersion applications, and a 38-cm (15") subwoofer model. Each of these three models is also available in a splash-proof (IPX4) variation. Combining different types of speakers enables creation of an optimal sound delivery system to specified areas. Type C speakers are designed to provide superior audio even in such often inhospitable applications as stadiums, arenas, theaters and airports..

Application Versatility

  • Single or bi-amp mode - by changing the position of an internal connector, Type C series speakers can be used in single or bi-amp mode.
  • Splash-proof speaker models - SR-C8LWP/SR-C8SWP/SR-C15BWP are available to widen the range of potential applications.
  • Optional brackets - More flexible installation options are made possible thanks to a selection of available mounting brackets

Ease of Maintenance

Both the low frequency driver and the high frequency driver can be quickly replaced from the rear of the speaker enclosure for ease of service and maintenance.


Frequency response

40 Hz - 400 Hz


Direct cable withdrawal from internal speaker: 8.6 mm conductor cross section: 1.25 mm2, 4-core cable, 3 m

Sensitivity (1 W, 1 m)

93 dB 93 dB

Rated impedance

8 Ω 8 Ω

Rated input (low impedance)

Continuous program: 450 W Continuous program: 450 W


526.6 x 594.8 x 550 mm (W x H x D) 526.6 x 594.8 x 550 mm (W x H x D)


Plywood, urethane coating, paint, black (RAL 9005 or equivalent) Plywood, paint, black (RAL 9005 or equivalent)

Accessory (included)

M8 connection bolt x 4 M8 connection bolt x 4

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