UltraLink HDC-100 Power Line Conditioner (HDC100)

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Level 2 filtering separates digital, video, and analog outlets from high-current-draw component outlets and filters each of them individually. Filtering delivers significantly smoother power output resulting in better audio and video performance.

-9 surge protected filtered AC outlets
-Isolated digital, video, audio and high-current AC outlets
-1 pair high definition surge protected coaxial connectors
-1 pair high speed surge protected LAN network connectors
-5 always-on outlets
-4 switched outlets
-15 amp reset circuit breaker
-8 ft. / 2.5 m 14 AWG AC power cord
-Level 2 filtration
-Flat profile AC power plug
-Rack mounting kit included

Outlets Front: 1
Rear: 8

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