Viper 2-Way 4 Button LCD Remote Car Alarm with 1500 Ft Range (VIPER3305V) Installed

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Viper is proud to introduce our most affordable 2-Way security system, which will wrap your vehicle in protection, with the most sophisticated electronic technologies available today, including a DoubleGuard® shock sensor, Revenger® six-tone siren and Failsafe® Starter Kill. This state-of-the-art system also offers in-demand convenience feature like keyless entry. Comes with one 2-Way and one 1-Way remote.


For Inquiries regarding this product (installation and compatibility) please contact us for more information. Please see the store locator
This product can only be returned or exchanged if it has not been installed in a vehicle. Products not installed by Extreme Electronics will be covered through the manufacturer directly.

Additional parts for installation (example vehicle interface) may be needed and sold seperately.

-3-channel security/keyless entry system
-Clone-Safe® Code-Hopping®
-Parking Light Flash
-Failsafe® Starter Kill
-Stinger® DoubleGuard® Shock Sensor
-Revenger® Six-Tone Siren
-Bright Blue LED Status Indicator
-Dome Light Supervision - On-Board Relay
-Comfort Closure
-2 Auxiliary Outputs
-Includes One 2-Way and One 1-Way remote


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