Wet Sounds A-Link Kit (WSALINKSRKIT)

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The WS-A-Link s/r kit allows wireless audio broadcasting and receiving from one audio system to another thanks to SKAA technology. With an operational range of 100 feet, NO Bluetooth or WiFi connection is needed. Included in the package is a 3.5mm connection cable and a Y adapter, along with Micro USB charging cable. Each A-Link unit can be set to either SEND or RECEIVE audio signal. The Wet Sounds A-Link now allows multiple systems to play simultaneous and truly rock the party.


  • 2.4 GHz Send & Receive Audio Link Kit
  • Allows wireless audio broadcasting and receiving from one audio system to any other audio system with an AUX input
  • SKAA Protocol - no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection needed
  • Operational Range – Approximately 100 feet
  • 3.5mm Connection cables & Y adaptor included
  • Each WS A-Link Unit can be programmed to either SEND or RECEIVE
  • Multiple WS A-Links can be set up to receive from one WS A-Link Sender
  • Sender Standby Battery Time 6 Hours
  • Receiver Standby Battery Time 20 Hours
  • Dual Micro USB Charging Cable Included
  • 1.75” w x 2.75” h x .75” d


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