Wet Sounds RGB Signal Amplifier (RGBAMPLIFIER)

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Having Wet Sounds LED lights on your boat is cool. Being able to control those LED lights is even cooler. The Wet Sounds RF-RGB-MC V2 remote control system lets you program your lighting system to change colors, keep a beat, or suit the mood of the evening. But that system can only power up to 10 meters of Wet Sounds lighting, so you'll need this RGB signal amplifier if you're going to install a more elaborate system. Adding one or more of these RGB signal amplifiers will allow you to expand and extend your Wet Sounds lighting system into something truly amazing.

You can choose your favorite accent color, or explore five multi-light color change modes or three music modes — you can set the mood or set the lights to react to the beat of the music. All in all, you'll find thousands of different color combinations available.

The remote's clean, functional design features a capacitive "color wheel" touchscreen, so controlling the hue, brightness, dimming, and music is easy and intuitive. The compact control unit is designed for boaters, with low power consumption, anti-interference circuitry, and long-distance transmission range. Plug the audio cable from your marine receiver or an Apple® or Android smartphone into the 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo plug on controller. As efficient as it is, each controller can still power up to 10 meters of lighting.

  • RF remote with touch-sensitive color wheel, plus controller
  • 3 music modes — LED lighting reacts with the beat of the music
  • 5 pre-programmed color changing modes
  • can power up to 10 meters of LED lighting per controller
  • choose your favorite single color to match your boat
  • built-in dimmer control
  • remembers last mode when turned off and on
  • range: 20-30 meters
  • wireless frequency: 433.92 mHz
  • output: 2 channels (RGB)
  • 12-volt, 7.5A input
  • can also be connected to a marine receiver or Android/Apple smartphone
  • warranty: 2 years

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