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WET SOUNDS WS-TS Connector-F, Pair (TSCCONNECTORF) - Extreme Electronics


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Wet Sounds


Retro speaker connection kit system to add 4 post speaker connectors to REV or Icon Tower Speakers

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TC-2 Quick Detach Swivel Clamp. The PRO 80 uses one Trick Connect 2™ Bracket per speaker. These Trick Connect Brackets are designed to give you the option to swivel the speakers and have them face any direction you want. For instance, to the rear for music while riding or to be faced forward when the boat is beached. Trick Connect also makes removing the speakers for storage quick and easy. By removing the 2 allen bolts on the side of the clamp, the speaker detaches from the clamp. Allowing you to remove the speaker in a matter of seconds for storage while also providing a solid secure mount.

There are three pieces to the Trick Connect 2™ Bracket assembly. The tower clamp that attaches to the tower, the bracket top plate that is attached to the speaker and there are various sizes of rubber inserts to use depending on what size tower pipe you have. The Trick Connect 2™ Bracket is a 3 inch Stainless Steel Clamp. The rubber inserts will fit the following towers. (1 5/8", 1 3/4", 2", 2 1/4", 2 1/2", 3")