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Yamaha Premium Bookshelf Speaker Stands, PAIR (SPS5000) - Extreme Electronics

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Yamaha Premium Bookshelf Speaker Stands, PAIR (SPS5000)

The SPS-5000 is a speaker stand especially designed for the NS-5000. In order to design a stand that solidly supports the NS-5000 without emanating any undesired sound, the four legs are composed of solid aluminium. The legs have smooth curved surfaces and are all installed at an angle of 42° to the baffle surface so as to minimise the effect of the reflection of sound from the speaker.

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In addition, in order that the height of a seated listener’s ears matches the height of the tweeter of the NS-5000, the stand is set to a height of 304 mm (12”) (including spikes) — higher than that of a normal 30 cm (12”) bookshelf speaker, so that reflections from the floor surface are minimised. The legs are equipped with spikes that can be attached or detached as desired, allowing fine height adjustment.

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