Pro-Ject X1 B Walnut Pick It S2MM (PJ22293188)

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The X1-B is our first turntable with a fully balanced mini XLR output, which offers you a symmetrical connection to our new Phono Box S3B or Phono Box DS3B.

The X1-B uses a 8.6“ carbon fiber / aluminium tonearm. The carbon layer gives the tonearm a high degree of rigidity, while the inner aluminium tube takes over the damping of the tonearm. The ultra-low friction 4 pin point tonearm bearing guarantees a precise, stable and accurate tracking. The one-piece design avoids vibrations caused by detachable head shell. The higher mass makes the tonearm an excellent fit for low and moderate compliance MC cartridges. The TPE damped counterweight reduces arm-cartridge resonance by as much as 50%. The X1-B is packaged to suit anyone who cares about how their vinyl sounds.

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