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30 Day Price Protection Policy!

After you buy, if you find the item advertised for less than you paid up to 30 days later, we will refund you the difference.  Good deal, EH!
If you find a lower legitimate advertised price  including our own price from an authorized Canadian dealer offering full manufacturer's warranty on an item of the same brand and model number as you purchased, and submit a postmarked or email a price protection application form within 30 days of the purchase date, Extreme Electronics will refund the difference.
EXCEPTIONS: All Home Office, cell phones, tablets, laptops, Satellite products and DCT receivers carry a fifteen (15) day price protection.
Discounted, final clearance, Demos, One of a Kind, Time Special, Limited Quantity products and out of stock items do NOT apply. If the item was purchased on a financing plan, the same financing terms and conditions apply, in such instances where a promotional "Free Installation" was included in the price of the product, the value of the installation will be deducted from the value of the product before Price Protection levels are applied.