The Environmental Handling Fee (EHF) is a program put in place by provincial and territories governments on all electronics purchases, to help fund the cost of recycling electronic products, as well to administrate the program.  This fee is not a tax and is based on the cost to recycle the materials contained in the product(s), and is subject to change at any time as determined by the provincial and territories program.

Why do I have to pay an Environmental Handling Fee?

The provincial and territories governments that have implemented this program require all retailers to charge this fee. 100% of this fee goes towards the costs associated with the recycling of electronic waste. This program reduces the impact of electronics disposal on the environment.

How much is the Environmental Handling Fee?

If any item(s) being purchased are subject to the Environmental Handling Fee (EHF), you will have to select your province or territory prior to adding the item to your cart, and the amount will appear in the "Checkout" after all your item(s) have been added to the "Cart" and also will appear on your invoice.

These fees are based on to which province in which the item(s) are being delivered.

For more information please visit your provincial and territories program web site listed below.

EHF Program Listing By Province and Territories

Province/Territory Website
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Nunavut No program currently exists.
Prince Edward Island

EHF are subject to change without notice.