Alco Prevention Canada Cannabis Verdict, THC Verdict (APC2018)

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The ALCO PREVENTION CANADA Cannabis Verdict – Thc Verdict (APC2018) test is the simplest and fastest test available in Canada. Get a reliable answer in less than 10 minutes. SINGLE USE TEST

Which is the Best Drug Testing Method?
Drug testing is a relatively common precautionary process often used by employers to ensure safe workplaces or law enforcement to ensure road safety . Testing is also used to monitor patient progress in drug treatment programs, by drug courts, and by concerned parents. A variety of testing methods are used with urine and saliva testing among the more popular methods.
Saliva, or oral fluid, drug tests analyze a sample of saliva collected from a test subject for indications of drug use. Sample collection is conducted via a swab. Some saliva drug test kits provide instant, on-site results while others require laboratory analysis.
Urine tests, also known as urinalysis, provide either immediate screening results via a test card where the accuracy varies according to the particular test kit used. Traditional urinalysis requires a urine sample to be sent to a lab for initial screening, immunoassay and/or gas chromatography and/or mass spectrometry.

Why a saliva test and not urinary?
A saliva test is designed to detect recent (within 6-8 hours) cannabis use. Urine tests detect cannabis use several hours to several days after consumption.

How is this test a prevention tool?
A saliva test enables the subject to become aware, after cannabis use, of the presence of THC in the body. For individuals, informational resources regarding cannabis variety and a questionnaire to assess risk are designed to increase awareness. For companies, accompanied by the appropriate policies and procedures for dealing with substance-abuse in the workplace, the test makes it possible for quick and simple on-site evaluation to help dependent persons.

How reliable is the Cannabis Verdict test?
The Verdict® Cannabis Test is 99% reliable.

What standards does the salivary test Cannabis Verdict apply to?
The partner manufacturing the Cannabis Verdict® test has been certified by the TÜV Rheinland organization to the specific requirements of the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. In the context of use by a healthcare professional, the manufacturing partner has declared under its sole responsibility that the CANNABIS VERDICT® salivary test meets the requirements of the European Parliament and Council Directive 98/79 / EC on in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDDM). The test has also a license from Health Canada.

What detection time should we expect with a salivary test?
A saliva test is designed to detect recent (within 6-8 hours) cannabis use.

Why test when cannabis users know they are positive?
The purpose of this test is twofold. It first allows the consumer to self-assess and become aware of the persistence over time of THC in the body and therefore the risks of impairment. The test also allows families and businesses to assess the reality of cannabis use for people under their respective responsibilities and then engage in a prevention dialogue.

What is the difference between casual and regular cannabis user?
Althrough there are no standard measures of the quantity used, a regular cannabis user consumes cannabis greater than 10 times per month on average, while the casual user will be below this threshold.

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