Compustar G15, 2 X 1-Way LED Multi-Button 1500 Ft. Range Replacement Remote Kit (1WG15AP)

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Compustar  2 x 1-way, 4-button remote. Water-resistant remote with durable casing. Use with ANT-AP for upgraded remote range (up to 2000 feet).

Operating Temp:
-20℃ ~ 60℃
4F ~ 140F
2000 Ft 
Max Range
1 Year Warranty
Est. Battery
Up to 346 Days
RF Frequency

  • Compatible Control Modules
  • CM-900X
  • CM-DC3
  • CM-X
  • CM2305-A
  • CM2500
  • CM7000-AS
  • CM7200-S
  • CM900-AS
  • CM900-S
  • SmartKey Starter® for Mercedes-Benz
  • Compatible Antenna
  • ANT-1WAM
  • ANT-AP


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