Human Touch Certus Massage Chair (100-CERTUS)

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The sleekly designed Certus by Human Touch® is not only eye-catching, but also remarkably functional. In Latin, the word Certus translates to sure, certain, resolved or reliable. A fitting name for a massage chair that will soon become a welcome part of a wellness routine you can depend on. Certus is a reliable companion on your wellness journey, helping you create a sure path to good health through self-care.

5-Years Structural
3-Years Parts
1-Year In-Home Service


Certus Overview

The Certus delivers three-dimensional massage along the entire length of your spine and all the way down to your thighs. Enjoy auto programs that are focused on helping you achieve a new relaxed state of being. Let the tension in your feet and legs melt away as the unique outer orbital massage soothes tired calves and overworked feet. Let the dynamic stretch position your body for a lengthening of your back and muscles, giving you renewed energy and life. Take a moment and allow yourself to be fully immersed in the enveloping melody of your favorite music through the built-in Altec Lansing Premium Sound System.

Massage Intensity for this Product: Vigorous

Recommended Height Range: 5'0"- 6'9"

S- and L-Track Massage

Advanced Multi-Dimensional Massage Technology with S- and L-track Systems extend massage coverage from the shoulders and spine down to the thighs.

Extending Foot and Calf Massager

The extending foot and calf massager features underfoot rollers for optimized reflexology, and automatically adjusts for your height.

Altec Lansing Premium Sound System

Enjoy premium sound for music, eBooks, and more. Built-in Sound Soothe provides immersive sounds of nature, and an engaging narrated demo walks you through the features and benefits of the chair.

More Specifications

Upright Chair Dimensions 63" L x 32" W x 47" H
Reclined Dimensions 75" L x 32" W x 33" H
Seat Dimensions 19" W x 18" D x 21" H
Product Weight 252 lb
Rear Clearance Required 0.2"
Shipping Box Dimensions Base: 58" L x 31" W x 37" H
Shipping Box Dimensions (box #2) Side Panels: 47" L x 17" W x 29" H
Warranty 5-Year Limited Warranty
Part Number(s)
  • Earth: 100-CERTUS-001
  • SUN: 100-CERTUS-002
  • SKY: 100-CERTUS-003
  • MOON: 100-CERTUS-004
  • SLATE: 100-CERTUS-005
  • Maximum Load Weight 285 lb
    Gross weight (in the box) Base: 251 lb
    Gross Weight (product shipped in box #2) Side Panels: 48 lb
    Footrest Extension Power
    Massage Robot S- and L-Track Massage Technology
    Calf Massage Width 4.5"
    Calf Massage Height 15"

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