JL Audio Stealthbox® for 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (94683)

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Whether your adventures are urban, suburban or on the roughest trails... these Stealthbox® systems for the 4-door Wrangler Unlimited will make them all more exciting.

These systems are designed to provide powerful, audiophile bass quality without significantly compromising precious cargo space. Our patented, low-profile thinline subwoofer technology extracts amazing bass from very thin enclosures that bolt solidly above each rear wheel well. Rugged, 100% fiberglass construction is as tough as your Jeep® and sturdy steel-mesh grilles mean you can still toss all your gear in the back without worrying about damage.

Because Jeep® owners customize their vehicles in all kinds of creative ways, the driver side and passenger side Stealthbox® systems are sold individually. A single one is enough for most people to be very happy, but you can go for two if maximum performance is your goal.

The Hard Data: Each system contains one 10TW1-2 in a sealed enclosure with 300 watt power handling. Each enclosure is wired for 2 ohms. A steel mesh grille is included with each to protect the Subwoofer. Each enclosure installs above one rear wheel well, with specific models for passenger and driver side. Does not affect hard top installation.


SB-J-WRUP/10TW1/BK Product Manual



  • Detailed Information
  • At a time when most audio products are built overseas, JL Audio’s commitment to in-house loudspeaker production continues to grow. To pull this off in a competitive world market, our production engineering team has created one of the world’s most advanced loudspeaker assembly facilities and established a global network of quality component suppliers who build to our specifications. This, combined with our commitment to state-of-the-art assembly technology, allows our skilled workforce to efficiently build JL Audio products to extremely high quality standards, right here in the U.S.A. Since most of our premium loudspeakers incorporate proprietary, patented technologies requiring specific assembly techniques, we find it is vital that the people who designed them have close access to the people manufacturing them. The following JL Audio products are built in our Miramar, Florida factory, with global components
  • Subwoofers: W7, W6v3, TW5v2, TW3, TW1, W3v3
  • Enclosed Car Subwoofers: Stealthbox®, PowerWedge™, ProWedge™, H.O. Wedge™ & MicroSub™ Enclosed Subwoofers
  • Marine Loudspeakers, Marine Subwoofers and Marine Enclosed Loudspeakers
  • Home Subwoofers: Dominion™, E-Sub, Fathom® and Gotham®


Stealthbox® for 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (Passenger Side - 2 Ω)

Type JL-Audio Stealthbox

Speaker Size

Front Speaker Size 6-1/2”
Rear Speaker Size 6-1/2”

Fits JL-Audio Model

Front Door 1-650, C1-650x, C2-650, C2-650x, C3-650, C5-650, C5-650x
Rear Roll Bar 1-650, C1-650x, C2-650, C2-650x, C3-650, C5-650, C5-650x

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