Klipsch Mud Ring Kit (IC8TSWMR) each

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For use with our IC-800-T 70-volt in-ceiling speaker and IC-SW-8T2 in-ceiling subwoofer.

  • Simplifies drywall installations
  • Heavy-duty pre-construction design
  • Each kit includes one ring
  • Part # 061347

The IC-800-T / IC-8T-SW Mud Ring kit is designed to make the installation of our commercial IC-800-T in-ceiling speaker and IC-SW-8T2 in-ceiling subwoofer easier and less time consuming when used in applications featuring a drywall ceiling. Constructed of durable Zinc plated 20 gauge steel these pre-construction brackets are suitable for use in plenum spaces. They attach to the ceiling joists ahead of the sheet rock installation and define where the loudspeaker through hole must be cut by the ceiling contractor.

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